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Si Sheng Wan He Ji

Si Sheng Wan He Ji


Certified Number: NPN: 80067187
SKU: HJ135
SOURCE: Effective Formulae for Women

Fresh lotus leaf
Fresh argri leaf
Fresh biota top
Rehmannia root

DIRECTIONS: The four herbs in same dose are ground into rough powder first, and then make into bolus as big as the egg. One bolus each time is decocted in water for oral administration. Or all the above herbs are decocted in water for oral administration.

EFFECTS: Cooling blood to arrest bleeding.

INDICATIONS: Bleeding due to blood-heat marked by hematemesis and epistaxis with bright red color, dry mouth and throat, red or deep-red tongue, taut and rapid pulse.

ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a common formula to treat hemoptysis and epistaxis caused by blood-heat. Biota top is used as a principal herb with the effect of cooling blood to arrest bleeding. Rehmannia root as an assistant herb clears the heart to cool blood and nourishes yin to promote the production of body fluids. Lotus leaf arrests bleeding and dissipates stasis. These three herbs are all cold in property. Agri leaf, being warm in property, warms the meridians and dispels cold and so is used to counter-act the cold properties of the other herbs in the formula. The combination of lotus leaf and agri leaf create the result of arresting bleeding without retaining stasis, they are adjuvant herbs. Biota top, lotus leaf and rehmannia root in the formula are used in fresh herbs to strengthen the effect of cooling blood to arrest bleeding.
This formula can be used for hemoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis and bronchiectasis and hematemesis of gastric ulcer manifested as symptoms of bleeding due to blood-heat.


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