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Ba Zhen Tang

Ba Zhen Tang


Certified Number: NPN: 80066805
SKU: HJ032

SOURCE: Key to Classification of Traumatism


Chinese angelica root (mixed with rice wine)

Chuanxiong rhizome

White peony

Prepared rhizome of rehmannia(mixed with rice wine)


Bighead atractylodes rhizome


Licorice root

DIRECTIONS: All the above herbs added fresh ginger 6g and 2 Chinese date are decocted in water for oral administration.

EFFECTS: Replenishing qi and the blood.

INDICATIONS: Deficiency of both qi and the blood marked by pallor, or sallow complexion, dizziness, lassitude, shortness of breath, tired to talk, palpitation, poor appetite, pale tongue with thin white coating, thready and feeble pulse.

ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula for deficiency syndrome of both qi and the blood. It is composed of Four Gentlemen Decoction and Four Herbs Decoction plus fresh ginger and Chinese date. Ginseng and prepared rhizome of rehmannia are the principal herbs with the effects of replenishing qi and nourishing the blood. Bighead atractylodes rhizome and poria strengthen the spleen and dry dampness, Chinese angelica root and white peony replenish the blood and harmonize nutrient-qi, all of them are assistant herbs. Chuanxioiig rhizome activates blood circulation and regulates qi, fresh ginger and Chinese date harmonize the spleen and stomach, they are the adjuvant herbs. Licorice root is the dispatcher herb for replenishing qi, harmonizing the middle and regulating all herbs.


(1) Ten Strong Tonic Herbs Decoction (shi quan da bu tang)

SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary

It is composed of Eight Treasures Decoction plus astragalus root and cinnamon bark. All herbs are decocted in water for oral administration. Its effects are to replenish qi and tonify the blood. It is indicated for deficiency syndromes of men and women caused by five kinds of consumption and seven kinds of impairment due to chronic diseases manifested by loss of appetite, hot sensation in the five centers or sometimes tidal fever, cramping pain, sallow complexion, insomnia, seminal emission, weakness of legs.

(2) Ginseng Nutrition Decoction (ren shen yang rong tang)

SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary.

This formula is Ten Strong Tonic Herbs Decoction minus Chuanxiong rhizome but plus schisandra fruit, tangerine peel, polygala root, fresh ginger and Chinese date, and is decocted in water for oral administration. Its effects are to replenish qi and tonify the blood, nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind. It is used for consumptive syndrome marked by heaviness of extremities, ache and weakness in muscles, shortness of breath, panting on exertion, tense in the lower abdomen, tense and pain in the back and waist, palpitation, dryness in the lips and throat, loss of appetite, emaciation. It is also used for deficiency of both the lung and large intestine marked by cough, diarrhea, panting, shortness of breath, vomiting with sputum.

Note: Both Ten strong Tonic Herbs Decoction and Ginseng Nutrition Decoction are derived from Eight Treasures Decoction. The former possesses the effects of replenishing qi and blood with warm herbs, while the latter, stresses on replenishing qi, tonifying the blood, nourishing the heart and tranquilizing the mind.


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